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I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel...I'm succeeding at removing its spokes.

I got my start as a large format graphic designer in 1999 for a Harrisburg, PA based company. The creative atmosphere and like-minded people proved for an awesome working environment.

In 2003, I heard the call to enlist in the United States Air Force. To make a very long story short, I was stationed in Germany, deployed to Afghanistan & Iraq, and finally ended up in Georgia, where I honorably separated from active duty in late 2007.

Although all that travel did me well, I missed the mountains of PA, so I came home and went back to work for the same company.

Everything happens for a reason.

Like so many others, we got rocked by the 2009 economy bomb. As a result of imminent layoffs, I decided to further my education and enrolled in the Web Design & Interactive Media Bachelor's program at the Art Institute of York. Since then, I've learned a new appreciation for programming, a love for learning, and perhaps most importantly, a new sense of accomplishment.


Graphic Design

Unilife Medical Solutions

Several large format trade show displays for UniLife Medical Solutions were created for their newest office in central, Pennsylvania.

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146th ASOS

The 146th Air Support Operations Squadron out of Tulsa, OK needed to spruce up their lobby for dignitaries visiting. They chose this free standing display.

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Bamboo Products

Purpose1, Inc. out of Harrisburg, PA wanted an interesting way to showcase their newest line of green products. They chose this concept & layout.

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Web Design & Interactive Technologies

Acacia Creations

This company employs locals in Kenya to support the economy and improve their quality of life. They needed an appealing e-commerce site to capture more western clients.

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Shraiberg, Ferrera, & Landau

SFL is a firm of premiere attorneys in south Florida. They wanted an updated web presence, complete with downloadable biographies.

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York Historical Society

YHS wanted an exhibit to be immortalized by adding it to their existing site. Although it never came to fruition, this was the concept.

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Bee Catcher Bob

A requirement for an interactive children's game spawned this instant hit: Bee Catcher Bob was built entirely in AS3. Go on, try to not get this stuck in your head!

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Vision Outpost Tutorials

A fully functioning tutorials site was created for a veteran owned small business, which covers lessons in five key areas.

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Trusted Property Group

TPG required an easy to use CMS, but didn't want a cookie-cutter Wordpress site. This PHP / MySQL site was the answer.

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Done Right AutoWorks

A local mechanic wanted a site that would help edge out his competion. He now has more work than he knows what to do with!

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Triad Works

Here, ideas are the lifebood of business. Triad Works wanted a WordPress site because of technical ease.

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Infinitas Digital Marketing

An international company with great aspirations. This site is the concept behind an entire product line.

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Illustration & Typography


An informative poster was created to illustrate all parts of a font to include it's creator.

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DeWalt ran a cross-media campaign spanning direct mail to billboards. This was created in vector and is fully scalable.

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Modern Literature Society

A series of posters were created to advertise an upcoming lecture by a well known professor of literature at Santaneo State University.

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Logo Design

Vision Outpost

You may have noticed several of my URLs point to "VisionOutpost", this is the company I started while going back to school.

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Infinidad Marketing

Infinidad Marketing is an international company specializing in producing content management systems.

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Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park was in the process of a re-braning and several concepts were pitched.

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Student Alert Toolkit

STAT is the resulting collaboration of faculty-visionaries. It aims to increase communication between instructors, advisors, and students.

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Graffiti of War

The Graffiti of War Project is an expose' into the life of a soldiers and how they cope with the increasing pressures of deployments.

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Entourage Management

Entorurage Management is a Denver, CO based company that leads a network of satellite offices across the country.

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Nate Shank

Cell: 717.319.3161